Bill Fowler for Carlsbad City Council


“I believe in Carlsbad. I am ready to lead our great small city into a future where we protect our life style, protect our environment, keep our streets safe and have a City Council that listens to our citizens."

Fighting for Carlsbad

no-bullying-button-clean-borders.pngIn Junior High School, I was hassled by a guy -- a bully -- who was half again my size. He stopped bothering me when I got tired of it one day and punched him in the nose. Not a hard punch, just enough so that he knew I wasn't going to put up with it any more. He never bothered me again. Never give a bully any quarter.

When I realized our Carlsbad City Council often acts like a bully, I decided to run for City Council. They ignore public input, operate as though developers are their most important constituents and seem more interested in tax revenue than preserving our unique lagoons and other natural resources.

Carlsbad is a great place to live, but we have a closed City Council dominated by long serving politicians. It’s time to respond directly to the needs of taxpaying residents, to listen to what they have to say, and to act in their best interests. I’m through being bullied by a Council that doesn’t listen to us. 

That’s why I need your support and your vote. Together we can work towards a responsive Carlsbad City Council.

Fighting for Our Life Style

I will fight for our life style by voting against developments that violate current density standards for Carlsbad.

I will vote against commercial developments that substantially increase traffic within our community.

I will support the high standards that our Planning Department places on residential and commercial developments.

Fighting for Public Safety

Public safety is of utmost importance and must be maintained as one of the highest priorities of the City Council. This is why I will partner with the brave men and women in uniform who serve us within the police and fire departments. I will make sure that they are fully equipped and supported to do their jobs and save our lives.

Fighting for our Environment

I will defend our lagoons and other environmentally sensitive areas against all threats, including those posed by our current city council.

I will work to increase the amount of renewable energy the city uses. We have made a good start in using Solar power at the Agua Norte Park and some aspects of the Public Safety Center, but we can do more!

I will work for Community Choice Energy that can lower consumer power rates and increase the utilization of renewable sources by the community.


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