About Bill Fowler

Professionally, I am currently a consultant at Search Technologies, focusing on Enterprise, Big Data and Analytics applications.

I became a proficient software developer as a graduate student at USC, earning tuition money completing programming projects for University researchers.

I worked at RAND Corporation as an programmer analyst and completed my doctoral studies and was granted a PhD degree.

After 2 years working at UCLA's Crump Institute for Medical Engineering as Director of Computing, I became an independent technology consultant working for such organizations as the US Department of Energy and the UCSD Medical Center in San Diego. I subsequently joined Convera, a search engine company, where I was employed for over 10 years as a Sales Engineer. I then worked at Groxis, a data visualization software provider, for 2 years.

Personally, I am concerned about Climate Change. I am active in the North County Climate Change Alliance and the Carlsbad Sustainability Coalition.

I am a member of the Sierra Club.

I enjoy riding my bike, driving my all-electric BMW i3, reading and personal technology.